Getting Started


Download iPad App: Please click here to download, or go to the iTunes app store and search for "iSEEit sales"


with your corporate email, first and last name.


please use your main email address, as the application will use this email i.e. for sending out meeting minutes or accepting tasks.

Refer and Invite friends

There are three ways to invite your colleagues and friends

  • 1. Add colleagues to your organization
  • 2. Send invitation email to join your organization
  • 3. Refer iSEEit to a friend

Getting started

When you start iSEEit you will be seeing the dashboard screen.
You are in a Sandbox environment to get to know the application.

Take a quick tour to get acquainted with iSEEit!
Video quick tour

Switch from Sandbox to productive environment

The Sandbox environment is designed to give you a first impression. We recommend to switch to your productive environment.

To switch

  • 1. go to settings screen
  • 2. click on 'Change profile'
  • 3. choose "productive environment"

For 90 days tour Sandbox environment will still be available to switch back to. After this period it will be deleted.


do not enter productive data you will need a later stage!

How to report a problem

  • a. Activate feedback tool:
    • 1. Stay on the screen where you found a bug or would like to point out a request for enhancement.
    • 2. Shake the iPad (Attention: Be sure to have enough room to avoid injuries or harm your device)
    • 3. A print screen will appear where you can mark the bug or point to where you want to raise the attention to with the brush tool
    • 4. On your first report you will be asked for your email
    • 5. Enter a text that describes your problem/request
    • 6. Click send (all information will be copied into an email which you then send to
  • What feedback tool instructions
  • b. Please send us an email: